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Sarah Duncan: Submergence

Sarah Duncan: Submergence

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Sarah Duncan
Limited edition photogravure etching
Edition of 10
70 x 70 cm artwork size

Framing notes:

Framed works are presented float mounted in hand-finished black tulipwood frame, including specialist anti-reflective glass with 70% UV protection to ensure the archival qualities and depth of colour are maintained. 

Alternative mouldings, frame styles and grades of specialist glass are available upon request. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist.


"Having spent most of the past month in the sea, I am in my element making this new print. The ocean is an equaliser. When it’s calm, it represents serenity and peace. When it’s stormy, it commands respect. The ocean does not discriminate, it treats all as equals. We can all learn from the ocean."

– Sarah Duncan, 2021

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