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Sarah Duncan: Artemis

Sarah Duncan: Artemis

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Sarah Duncan
Limited edition etching with screenprinted aluminium powder
Edition of 10
H 45 x W 45 cm (artwork size)
H 57.5 x W 57.5 cm (framed size)

Framing notes:

Framed works are presented float mounted with the choice of a black wood grain frame or a hand-finished black tulipwood frame, including specialist anti-reflective glass with 70% UV protection to ensure the archival qualities, silver leaf and depth of colour are maintained. With the density of black in the image, the anti-reflective finish will also enhance the viewing of the artwork.

Alternative mouldings, frame styles and higher grades of specialist glass (92% UV protection or museum grade – 99% UV protection) are available and can be quoted upon request. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist. 

"This new series coincides with the 53rd year anniversary Apollo 11 space mission. In one of the biggest accomplishments ever made by mankind, humans stood on the moon on July 20th, 1969. This was the first time people moved beyond the confines of humanity and began to tread the waters of science so great.

The technologies, although ground-breaking at the time, now seam basic and rudimentary. I am inspired by the importance of the scientific education of these missions, but also the aesthetics."

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