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Julian Brown: GORA Zebra Monochrome Jade Green Hue

Julian Brown: GORA Zebra Monochrome Jade Green Hue

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Julian Brown
Hand-painted watercolour on HP Saunders Waterford paper
H 36 x W 51 cm artwork size
H 50.3 x W 60 x D 3.4 cm framed size

Framing notes:

Presented float mounted in a bespoke hand-stained black tulipwood frame with specialist anti-reflective glass including 70% UV protection as standard to ensure the archival qualities and depth of colour are maintained.


"My Gora Zebra works create three distinct rhythms throughout the painting.

Loaded brushstrokes of watercolour are applied in transparent bands of colour that sit in different spaces depending on how much pigment or pressure is applied. I like to think of these brushstrokes like bands of elastic that push and pull the tension in the painting in different directions. The graduated colour allows the spaces to weave in and out between each other. As shadows are created light flickers throughout the painting.

Spots of separated colour create different rhythms through the painting which is then further punctuated by black and white lines that zig-zag across the surface."

— Julian Brown

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