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Dan R Cook: Knot and Bine 1

Dan R Cook: Knot and Bine 1

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Dan R Cook
Oil paint, pastel, pencil and abrasion on wood panel
H 121 x W 102 tray framed size

Framing notes:

Presented in a wooden tray frame (without glass).  

In these recent works, Dan takes a deeper look at the link between earth tones and textures with a subtle introduction of human form. Neutral spaces are punctuated with a more vibrant, harvested colour palette. For Dan, this new exploration feels vital at this point in time and connects the observations of his environment with present sensations or echoing memories of the past.

Stems and knots ossify into fingers and bone. Rings of light and shadow pass through human line and form. Techniques of glazed colour and digging back through the layers forms a topography on each surface. Artworks are mostly produced on braced wood panels, resilient enough to withstand the often lengthy and varied processes.

This collection continues the sense of long-lasting solidity underfoot and open-air spaces. These could be natural spaces and masses or the result of human endeavour. The temporary suggestion of a moment is introduced. A whisper, a movement or flare of light brings a human sensation to these spaces.

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