C O L L E C T O R S'
P R E - S A L E

Welcome to the Smithson Collectors' online pre-sale for Katie Mawson's latest collection.

Artworks are now available to pre-purchase via our online checkout on a first come first served basis until 3pm BST Wednesday 24th July 2024. Following this pre-sale period, the artworks will go live on our main website and social media for the official launch.

For an in depth overview of the collection incuding a deeper insight into Katie's recent artist residency, please enjoy the catalogue below:

We are delighted to present Katie Mawson’s latest body of work for Smithson Projects, a collection of ten brand new works created during and following her recent artist residency at Studio Faire in the small town of Nérac, situated in the South West of France.

Inspired by the spacious studio she had access to during this time, these latest works explore bolder shapes and repetitions on a larger scale, reflecting a newfound sense of creative freedom. The collection dances between playful configurations and more introspective works. Colour fields of richly pigmented covers sit alongside arrangements of paler, faded cloths, reminiscent of the patina and decaying beauty of Nérac’s peeling shutters and rambling stone buildings. In more recent works, Katie introduces softer shapes running alongside the more structured geometric lines.

All ten artworks are available ready-framed. For a deeper insight and visual overview of Katie’s incredible artist residency, visit the final pages of our collection catalogue linked below: