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Sarah Duncan: Mahina

Sarah Duncan: Mahina

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Sarah Duncan
Chinagraph pencil, acrylic paint and beeswax on board
70 x 70 cm artwork size

Framing notes:

We present works on board framed in a handmade wooden tray frame (without glass). We use an Obeche wood which is stained by hand and individually chosen to suit the artwork. We are happy to send you photos of the framing mouldings against the artwork prior to the artwork being processed with the framers.


“I made these drawings in winter longing for the buds and blossoms of spring. The flowers were ones from my own garden which I had photographed in the summer. I wanted the works to have a vintage feel, so I layered the background with beeswax, emulsion and acrylic, and drew with Chinagraph pencils. Stylistically, these feel like a departure from my other bodies of work, some have pointed out the resonance with Dutch still life painting, but I wanted to experiment with something a bit different.”

— Sarah Duncan

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